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How to follow-through with your dieting goals?

Published:26 Mar, 2017     By: Salan Khalkho     4 min read

Dieting and exercising is a slow and time intensive process that takes strong commitment. So rather setting up yourself for disappointment, be soft on yourself and set something that you can really achieve in a given time, say 3 months.

ways to reach dieting goals

It's no brainer that diet and regular exercise is not only good for your health, but to also keep you in shape. We all want to look good and live a healthier life, but often many people find themselves not disciplined enough to stick to their diet and achieve those goals. That's a common reason why many people fail to lose their weight.  If this is your story, don't despair, there are ways to stick to your fitness goals with solutions easier than you think. 

Here are seven easy healthy steps that will help you follow through your dieting goals.

Goal setting

The first disappointment for many dieters comes pretty quickly. That's because many people post their end goals as something really impossible to achieve like for example body image of Brad Pitt in troy. Dieting and exercising is a slow and time intensive process that takes strong commitment. So rather setting up yourself for disappointment, be soft on yourself and set something that you can really achieve in a given time, say 3 months.

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Dieting is mostly about self control, which is really, really difficult task for most people. Straying from set goals will easily lead you back to square one. Many of us have the mentality that just one won't hurt. That's a pure trap and it can begin with something seemingly as harmless as indulging in a snack or skipping out on a day of exercise.

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Majority of people who diet find their results leveling at some point. This is as discouraging as setting an unrealistic goals for you. The most effective method should be such that gives leverage over weight loss plateaus and which gets progressively challenging. But then never push yourself too strongly and always remember - you should aim at losing your weight approximately 1 pound per week.

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If you are losing your weight more than 1 pound per week, you should consider increasing your food intake. However if you are not losing your weight, you should consider decreasing your food intake slightly. Majority of people don't require making dramatic changes to their diet to see results.

Sustainable changes

As I have already mentioned earlier, losing your weight through dieting is a time intensive process that requires commitment and training. Falling for something that promises to deliver fast results are often not the healthy way to lose weight. Sustainable dieting combined with exercise will yield you sustainable results. You should also look for way to make your weight loss regime more interesting and something that you will truly look forward for. For example you can invest in workout gears and right workout clothing. Over years people have become more aware of the importance of right athletic clothing. You can derive maximum benefits out of your workout time at gym and increase your performance at both workout and sports through right athletic clothing. 

50 Reasons to Diet


Ironically many people reward themselves in the very terms that are contrary to diet and exercise. For example giving their exercise a break and spending a day on couch. Why not reward yourself with a hike on the mountains or walk around the city.

    While losing weight does take strong determination and focus, it isn't really a start-and-end process. Once you have reached your weight loss goals you will need to make sure you stay there by continuing what you have started and following through rest of your life by making it your lifestyle. This should also be something livable and lovable by you.


    When you transition yourself from losing your weight to maintaining your weight, you will have more room to wiggle around with your diet since you don't need to create calorie deficit anymore. You only need to be careful to take only as much calorie as your body needs to maintain itself without losing or gaining anymore weight.

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