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Your Hormones May be Causing You Bad Mood

Published:23 Mar, 2017     By: Holly Sanchez     5 min read

If you are experiencing mood swings, weight gain or even developing hypertension, it could be your hormones behind it. Hormones are powerful chemicals that our endocrine system secretes in response to certain situations or external stimuli.

Hormones May be Causing You Bad Mood

It’s a common joke that when women are moody and cranky, it must be that time of the month. Whenever a pubescent youth suddenly becomes sexually curious, irate or reckless, people are oft to say that it’s their teenage hormones raging. Do these humorous statements have a grain of scientific truth to them? As a matter of fact, yes they do.

Hormones are powerful chemicals that our endocrine system secretes in response to certain situations or external stimuli. These chemical messengers not only contribute to good health, they can also affect your mood. When hormone levels are imbalanced, you may experience mood swings, weight gain or even risk developing hypertension and other diseases. Unfortunately, as we age, our hormone production declines. But technology and science has made it possible for us to fight against this in different ways, such as by taking hormone replacement therapy to restore hormonal balance.

We need to maintain proper hormone levels because aside from protecting us against diseases, hormones also do the following:

Five best foods to prevent hormonal imbalance

This video describes best how certain foods can prevent hormonal imbalance. The video also also show certain other foods that you should avoid in all cases since they can wreak havoc in your body.  

Your hormones affect your happiness

When you feel sad, your friends might tell you that going out and letting the sun shine on you might help. According to neuroscience, it really could. Vitamin D triggers the release of serotonin, the key hormone associated with happiness. This hormone prevents depression and keeps you sociable. Some suggestions to keep serotonin levels high include eating bananas, staying in the sun for about twenty minutes, or thinking of happy memories.

You are probably familiar with testosterone and estrogen. These are the two primary sex hormones for males and females, respectively. However, these hormones aren’t really exclusive to each of the sex they are commonly associated with. Both males and females have these hormones, except that men have lower estrogen levels and women produce smaller amounts of testosterone. These hormones help in the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as the development of breasts for women, or of the penis for men. But that isn’t the only thing they can do. They actually keep stormy moods at bay.

When women are menstruating, they experience a rise and fall in estrogen that can cause irritability, anxiety, confusion, and sadness. In the case of men, deficiency in testosterone causes mood changes and irritability.

Hormones block pain and helps keep you going

The human body’s natural painkiller hormone is endorphin. It differs from adrenaline in that endorphin can be released through continuous exercise where breathing can be difficult like running or swimming, while adrenaline is released when undergoing thrilling or possibly traumatic experiences, such as bungee jumping or getting attacked by a dog. Actions associated with extreme excitement and danger triggers what is known as an adrenaline rush, which gives a person a sudden spike in strength and a high tolerance for pain for a few moments.

Endorphins help us deal with stress and pain caused by physical exertion. Have you ever watched the training regimen of athletes? Some of the things they do like lifting weights or running long distances seem difficult, and you might wonder how they can keep on going. They are able to cope with the physical strain because of the endorphins being secreted in their bodies.

    You can raise your endorphin levels in different ways. Exercising is one of them. You can also eat spicy food as it triggers a reaction that is akin to pain, and your tongue receptors will send signals to your brain to release endorphins to help you cope with the spiciness.

    Laughter also releases endorphins. This is why motivational speakers often say that a positive attitude through trying times will keep you from giving up.

    Hormones induce the feeling of love

    What is love? It may actually just be a chemical response released by a hormone called oxytocin, dubbed as the love or bonding hormone. Oxytocin increases the feeling of trust you have towards someone, so it’s a hormone vital in building relationships. When a mother breastfeeds her infant, high amounts of oxytocin is released, strengthening the bond between mother and child. When couples engage in lovemaking, this hormone is also released upon orgasm. Hugging can also release oxytocin, which is why hugging is a gesture usually reserved for people you are close to or are getting along with.

    We can’t forget the infamous dopamine, a neurotransmitter that also functions as a hormone, when we talk about loving something. Aside from keeping you alert and determined to work towards a goal, dopamine is often called the pleasure hormone. It lets you enjoy what you like and it makes you feel good. Eating your favorite dish, wining a contest, and making new friends, you enjoy these things because of dopamine. Keep in mind though, that too much of a good thing can be bad. Dopamine is also called the addiction hormone because marijuana and cannabis helps release this hormone. Whenever you’re addicted to something, you just won’t feel happy until you get a whiff or taste of your guilty pleasure, and that’s because of the rise in your dopamine levels.

      Not only can hormones affect our physical conditions, they can also trigger strong emotional responses from us. From being positive and happy to being sad and unmotivated, these chemical messengers are responsible for helping people react to the external word. So keep yourselves happy and healthy by maintaining a good balance of hormones!


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