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Top 20 things to do for beautiful skin

Published:16 Feb, 2017     By: Salan Khalkho     6 min read

Since 90% of the wrinkles are caused from sun, it is no-brainer that wearing sunscreen is the single easiest way to look younger for life. It is always easier to prevent the damage than to fix it afterwards. If you ever desired to have absolutely beautiful and glowing skin, here are 20 simple things to do for beautiful skin.

look younger than you are

Who doesn't want to look younger than they actually are? Don't you? The good news is that there are several simple things that can help you ensure clear, smooth and youthful skin. If you ever desired to have absolutely beautiful and glowing skin, here are 20 simple things to do for beautiful skin.

Infographic for beautiful skin


Here is a complete guide on how to take care of your beautiful skin. There are 20 tips to help you start with.

wrinkles are caused from sun

1. Slather on the sunscreen

Since 90% of the wrinkles are caused from sun, it is no-brainer that wearing sunscreen is the single easiest way to look younger for life. It is always easier to prevent the damage than to fix it afterwards. Look for formulas that offer broad spectrum of protection to guard against UVA rays.

nuts decrease skin cancer

2. Munch on mixed nuts

Nuts come packed with many essential fatty acids and nutrients and minerals. For example Brazil nuts are rich in selenium that helps increase skin elasticity and decrease skin cancer. Macadamias are full of high quality oils and fatty acids that help repair skins and rejuvenate them. Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acid which lowers inflammation and prevents breakouts. Aim for handful of nuts each day to reap full benefits of nuts.

    serum is effective in boosting collagen

    3. Use serums

    Serums are much concentrated than creams and lotions, so you need only small amounts daily to see results. Serums with antioxidants act as skin's major defense against free radicals and stress. It is also effective in boosting collagen and support structure that gives skin a firm and youthful appearance.

    dairy products contain cow hormone

    4. Avoid dairy

    Dairy products, regardless of whether they are organic, contain cow hormone that has potential to interfere with human hormones which stimulates oil glands and your pores leading to acne. You should also avoid foods that may contain dairy hidden in them such as shakes, protein bars and salad dressings.

    retinol keeps skin firm and youthful

    5. Use retinol

    Studies have shown that retinol has the potential to help skin turnover and boosts collagen production which is helpful in keeping skin firm and youthful. Dermatologist claim that retinol is as effective in treating wrinkles or other sign of aging as it is in treating acne.

      sleep rejuvenates your skin

      6. Go early to bed

      Sleep deprivation lowers blood circulation and doesn't allow the body enough time to heal. Sleeping is the best time when your body rejuvenates your skin.

      exfoliation to shrink pores

      7. Exfoliate for smaller-looking pores

      It's quite surprising to see how something so small can appear so huge. Enlarged pores are one of the most common beauty complaints. They appear enlarged because they are filled with dirt, dead skin cells and other materials like proteins and keratin. Regular exfoliating with salicylic and glycolic acid will remove those gunks and make the pores shrink.

      remove makeup before you sleep

      8. Remove your makeup before you go to bed

      Makeup and dirt on the skin not only clog pores but it also causes excessive dryness and even skin dandruff. Use gentle oil-free cleanser that can even wash away waterproof liner and mascara.

      soy milk for great skin

      9. Have some soy milk

      Soy milk is natural anti inflammatory and reduces swelling. It hydrates skin and softens the look of crow's feet. You can even directly apply cotton balls soaked in soy milk over your eyes or any other areas where you have red or irritated skin for five minutes.

      Minimise time spent in hot shower

      10. Keep away from hot water

      Hot steamy shower may feel great especially now as we are swiftly entering into winter season, but they are the worst things to do since the heat strips-off essential oils and creates mild burn.

      Use moisturizer throughout the day

      11. Moisturize throughout the day

      Good creams and lotions have ingredients that create protective barrier on the surface of the skin that locks in moisture. However skin has its own mechanism to cool down by evaporating water and so you have only few minutes before moisture are gone forever.

      wash face with antibacterial wash

      12. Be gentle while defuzzing your face

      Waxing and tweezing causes scarring, spots or darker skin. You can minimize the impact by preparing your skin before hair removal by washing the area with antibacterial wash.

      include watermelon and tomato in your diet

      13. Add watermelon and tomato to your diet

      Fruits and vegetables rich in lycopene such as watermelon and tomatoes helps prevent damage and redness caused by sun exposure. It also prevents future wrinkling and lowers skin cancer.

      alpha-hydroxy acids enhances the smoothness of your skin

      14. Exfoliate with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA)

      Speed up your skin's cellular turnover and enhance the smoothness of your skin's surface with alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic or lactic acid. However when you buy products including AHA, look at the label and pick the one that contains around 8%.

      Wear sunglasses

      15. Wear sunglasses

      Sunglasses are better choice in providing protection against undereye wrinkles and signs of aging than sunscreen. While eyes are equipped to handle sunlight, the areas around the eyes are not. Buy yourself a pair of polarized glasses that's wide enough to fully cover the eye area.

      Glass of water to prevent prevent dehydration

      16. Have an extra glass of water

      Drinking more water is the best way to steer clear the toxins that causes inflammation and blemishes. It also helps in transportation of nutrients and oxygen to skin cells and prevent dehydration which is a common cause of premature ageing.

      break from french fries

      17. Give yourself a break from French fries

      Diet high in fats and carbohydrates causes more wrinkles. In fact creamy cheeses and red meat are known as aging fats because of what they do to your skin.

      load your plate with veggies

      18. Load your plate with veggies

      Veggies are the way to fabulous skin. Just half a cup of broccoli is loaded with 65% of your daily value of vitamin C. Vegetables rich in vitamin C not only mop up the free radicals that causes wrinkles and sagging, but they also help remove the DNA damage that is caused by free radicals.

      dont touch your face

      19. Keep your hands off your face

      Many patients have recovered from their acne with no medication because they just stopped touching it. Each time you press your pimples, it causes inflammation and causes distress to the skin.

      Avoid toners

      20. Avoid toners

      Toners were originally invented to restore the natural pH of the skin after it is washed with alkaline based soap. But if you are already using pH balanced cleaners, there is no need for toner.

      Important Note: Medical and health related information given in this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This article is intended for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment.

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